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$1000 Walmart Gift Card

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How does Sweeps Robot know which contests are best?  

That’s easy!  It uses a powerful DOF algorithm that handpicks the high probability contests.  

Here’s how it works:

DOF stands for (Depth Of Field).  Simply put, a sweepstakes that has a small amount of entries with a large amount of prizes will give you a better chance to win.  

Why Sweeps Robot Is The Smarter Way To Play Sweeps In 2019

Using Depth Of Field is nothing new.  It’s been a well kept secret by top sweepers for years.

These professional sweepers might seem like they have the magic touch.  But it’s not… They are simply picking the right contests to enter.

And now, with Sweeps Robot, you can do the same!   It’s the edge you’ve been looking for to take your sweepstakes game to the next level.  

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What happens next:  

When a Sweeps Robot notification arrives.  All you’ll need to do is click on the notification, and enter the contest and wait for the next sweepstakes to arrive.  *Usually 1 per day.

And that’s it!  

No more wasting time with contests you probably won’t win.

No more filling out form after form and crossing your fingers.

No more hunting and searching for contests to enter online.  

Simply enter your one contest a day, sit back, and wait for your prizes to roll in.  

That’s it.  Easy, and Quick!

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Are you tired of entering sweepstakes that you have little to no chance of winning?

Sweeps Robot ignores all the contests out there that have low odds.  And it only sends you the best sweepstakes to enter.

That’s why you won’t need to enter 100’s of contests a day to enjoy the thrill of victory.